5、Fail to visit IP camera via IE browser ?

Possible Reason 1: Network is disconnected.
Solution: Connect your PC to network, check whether the network works well or not. Check if there’s a problem with the cable connection, or network problem caused by PC virus.

Possible reason 2: IP Address has been occupied by other devices.
Solution: Stop the connection between IP camera and network; connect the IP camera to PC.
Directly reset IP address according to the proper operations recommended.

Possible reason 3: IP addresses are in different subnets.
Solution: Check IP address, Subnet masking and Gateway.

Possible reason 4: Physical address of network conflicts with the IP camera.
Solution: modify the physical address of IP camera.

Possible Reason 5: Web port has been modified.
Solution: Contact as Network Administrator to obtain related information.

Possible Reason 6: Unknown.
Solution: Press RESET to restore to factory settings then connect it again, the default IP address is, subnet mask is