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Security Payment Method

We accept payment via PayPal and Bank Transfer.


When you choose PayPal as your way of payment, please enter the name and the quantity of the product you order into the“Information” textbox, please use the PayPal link on our website, if you haven’t used the link on our website to visit, we might not receive your order and your order information, which may often lead to the delay of the delivery.

 Bank Transfer

When you choose bank transfer to pay, you will get the information of our bank account. After you confirm your order information, please click the "Order" button to create your order. Several minutes later, the created order will be sent to the email address you provided. If you do not receive any order confirmation in several minutes, please repeat the steps. If it still fail, please contact us via email.


PayPal Payments: All PayPal customers must have a verified PayPal account and confirmed shipping address. Orders paid through ineligible PayPal accounts will not be processed.

Government/School Purchase Orders: We accept Purchase Orders from all government agencies and schools. Please contact us by email or live chat for details.