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Sumpple built-in 4G SD Card Wireless 4X Optical Zoom 960P Outdoor PTZ Pan/Tilt Network Security Dome Camera, IP66 Waterproof, Night Vision, Video Record, Email Alarm, Motion Detection for IOS, Android and PC, White

Quick Overview

  • 4X HD Professionally Optical Zoom, 8X Digital Zoom on Cell Phone App, IP66 waterproof, PTZ outdoor IP network camera(Pan/Tilt Angle: Horizontal: 355 & Vertical: about 140-150) , Wireless WiFi Connection and Wired Cable Connection, Night Vision Function, Motion Detection and Email Alarm function.(Note: Need a 33ft Extension Long Power Cable for S610, buy it from us on Amazon Sumpple Store.)

  • Day and Night Functionality with Built-in IR Illuminators: The night vision IR light range is up to (indoor Night Vision: about 25-30 meters; Outdoor Night Vision: about 20-25 meters) meters during night time. During the daytime, the range is larger 20+ meters.

  • Two Audio Jacks for External Microphone & Speaker(in this way, you can speak and hear the voice on the cell phone via App, and visitors can also speak and hear your voice via the external microphones & speakers, and you can call it “Two-way Audio Speaker” function).

  • Local video Recording or SD card video Recording to Micro SD card on PC when motion dectection; Compatible with iOS and Android App, and this means that you can install the camera on your iPhone, iPad and Android Smartphone to view the camera via inside or outside network easily.

  • ONVIF Support: ONVIF support making the camera interoperable with all sorts of ONVIF-conformant IP security products, such as ONVIF-conformant recording system. This means users can use equipment from different manufactures to build a surveillance system that best meets their needs and preferences. Note: to use ONVIF feature, please contact us to help you upgrade the firmware.

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Product Description

Size:4GB MicroSD  |  Color:White

960P WiFi Camera/ PTZ/ IP66
    960P(1.3M) Surveillance Video Camera
High definition image sensors and advanced image processing  technology pave the way for stunning and crisp 960P videos.

    Pan/ Tilt/ Zoom          
Get a visual of the wide viewing range scene with pan/tilt visibility. Horizontal rotation 355°, vertical rotation 140°-150°.

      IP 66 Waterproof

The IP66 rating is awarded for devices that have tested as completely airtight against dust and able to endure any kind of wind and rain.

Motion Detection with Email Alert & APP notification
    Motion-Triggered Email Alert with Images & APP Notification

Sending an alert email with images, and triggering recording. You will also receive the APP notification.
    An immediate alarming email will be sent to your inbox when activity is detected by any of the cameras. And snapshots will come along with the alarming email to let you see exactly what happened.

Remote Monitoring & Micro SD Card/ Local Video Record

    Free and Easy Remote View  

    Monitoring your home and office remotely from anywhere in the world through Smartphone APP, tablet and computer.
    With this app, you will see whatever the cameras see in real-time and have full control over the recordings. This function allows you to have your security system at your fingertips.

    Video Record to Local Path or Micro SD Card   

    Recorded video can be stored in the local path of the hard drive, and you can playbak any time. Or stored to the SD card you can view the the video thru the app on the phone anytime and anywhere.

Night Vision

    Night Vision with Built-in IR Illuminators

    Indoor Night Vision Range: about 25-30 meters;
   Outdoor Night Vision Range: about 20-25 meters.

    Multi-Device in One Channel

    You can see at least 4 cameras at the same time in Sumpple APP, and 9 cameras in PC.

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Customer Reviews

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Great build, beats competition by far... Review by James Li
This relatively new company has my attention.

Over the past four years, I have installed three other brands of webcams and have experienced frustrations identical to the ones expressed by the reviewers who gave this camera a one-star rating. My take is different. The Sumpple S610 is the best webcam I've yet owned, and has built on many of the experiences of other webcams that have not remained in the market.

First, I want to acknowledge that Foscam is the elephant in the room. It's the largest manufacturer of WiFi-enabled LAN and WAN outdoor point-tilt-zoom cameras and is priced slightly above the Sumpple cams. However, Foscam's current highest optical zoom is 3X (compared to Sumpple's 4X) and their customer support is lacking. This may not be a big point for expert installers, but just learning how to assign static LAN IP addresses and ports on my router took me weeks when I got into my first webcam installations. That said, Sumpple customer service beats everything I've experienced with other tech companies. I had an issue with a firmware upgrade that I couldn't figure out and had continuous communication by email, phone, Skype, and even a remote computer session so I could learn what to do next time. NO other webcam company (even the big Japanese firms) offers this type of support. (Indeed, the last time I had a minor issue with my HP printer, the customer service guy told me my only option was to buy a new one.)

If you are new to webcams, the big news is that for under $500, you can purchase a camera that allows you to watch anything within WiFi range of your router via the internet, anywhere. In the middle of Italy, last year, I was able to watch and listen to my US home in real-time on my iPhone and PC. Strangely, the big surveillance camera companies do not currently offer this technology, even for thousands of dollars, remaining stuck offering wired-only options that are ten times the cost of these cameras.

The bad news is that setup requires a solid tech background. You must know how to change your router settings, what DDNS means, how to access an IP address with a dedicated port, and so on. I disagree with the reviewer who complained about the software. Sumpple has greatly simplified this process with an iPhone app that just works. But the app is just an interface for a very complex piece of machinery with a lot of software settings that can be misconstrued if one doesn't know enough about the technology. In comparison with the other brands and models of WiFi cameras I've set up, the Sumpple setup has been the easiest thus far.

I have no problems with the night vision. It's as good as any other competitor out there. The technology is physically limited by short-range infrared LEDs, the same kind found on hunter game cameras. Depending on what I'm aimed at, the pictures available via this technology can range from very good to very poor at night. For example, the LEDs will not light up an object 100 feet away, and nearby windows will cause reflective glare. But this isn't a problem with Sumpple's camera. It's a physical limitation on what one can do with low-power IR LEDs serving as a photographic light source. For night scenes that are important, I either supplement the lighting with additional fixtures or mount the camera in a way that optimizes the area I want to capture.

Day images are crisp and the colors are an improvement over the other brands I already own. Even the much more expensive ones. I bought the Sumpple to replace a 3X PTZ outdoor camera (by a competitor) that just didn't give me the crisp images I wanted. Not only were the S610 images crisper and more true to color, but the optical zoom was a noticeable improvement.

If you already know webcams, you'll understand everything I've written thus far.

If you're new to this technology and want something that lets you view anything you choose, anywhere in the world, on your own device, and doesn't require running an extra Ethernet cable 150-feet back to your router, just buy this one.

I recommend Sumpple over all of its competitors. It's currently the best out there. Hardware, software, and customer support all rate five-stars. (Posted on 3/20/17)
Great customer support Review by Jim
These are great reliable cameras, and the set up is supper easy. But like all technology, you can get stuck. An email to sumpple is all it takes to get the clear answers you might need. They are 13 hours ahead of my location, but that has never been a deterrent. They have offered clear answers, and if needed an online web logon..... than you "Jenny and the
Sumpple team"... (Posted on 2/16/17)
Nice security camera at a greta price Review by Bruce
The camera is well made and a great price especially considering all the features. I can control it from the desktop or phone app. Simple install on my garage just needed a power supply. It's nice to get email alerts on activity it picks ups. I did email Sumpple for help with an upgrade and service was fast to respond and issue resolved very quickly. I wish it had longer electrical connection points though. The wire length worked for me but I can see longer wires required in some installations. (Posted on 1/19/17)
Nice features Review by Darrell
Excellent viewing range always in focus easy preset to scan on cruise this you can set to stop at presets to a given choice of time then it moves to the next in rotation . Sending alarms via email or to card is easy just follow the menu and if needed the instruction manual will guide you . PC viewing is excellent and good for setting up with the disc . Viewing with and making changes with smart phone is a plus when you make changes here or with PC it seems be in sync . Very nice PTZ camera for the price . (Posted on 12/22/16)
Excellent and Simple to use Review by Mary
First, you have to have an updated phone!!! Older phones will NOT work with this product. Once I got my new one it installed and worked like a dream. I love the night vision. I am going to get a second one for the back of my home. (Posted on 11/5/16)
Good Cam Review by strong-arm
Camera is good
(Posted on 5/13/16)
Very nice and handy product Review by Jeremiah
.Does what is said it will do. smooth movement, clear picture and excellent night vision (Posted on 3/16/16)
Very Good Camera Review by Jeremiah
This camera does what it says it does; nice and clear picture, smooth movements and perfect night vision (Posted on 3/15/16)

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